Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Carpentry of Meditation

Meditation will only really work if you take the long-term view

Suppose a carpenter is to hammer in a nail. Consider these three elements: the intention - to hammer in the nail - requiring focus and awareness; the tool or tools of the job - the right size nail and hammer; and the carpenter to hammer in the nail, presumably you in this case. So these three: Intention, Tools, and the Carpenter. Of these three easily the most important is the carpenter. Without the carpenter there is no intention, and then the tools also remain inactive without the carpenter to handle them. But how often, for example, does the carpenter underestimate the intention, or more to the point think too much about the tools and not enough about the skill of the carpenter?

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Most of Our Thoughts are Out of Date

Our thoughts and reactions to what happens in day to day life, in the present, are mostly a product of what has gone before. Discover why that happens and you get to transform the way you see yourself.

Imagine the milk shelf in a well run supermarket. All the milk containers have a use-by date on them. The milk is on sale until the use-by date and then any containers remaining on the shelf are removed and thrown out and the shelf is restocked. The milk on sale is aways fresh. 

Now if things don’t work so efficiently, instead of the old containers being removed they get pushed to the back of the shelf to make way for the new stock. After some time the milk which is old and now out of sight goes off and begins to smell. And if something isn’t done to rectify it the smell of the old milk informs the new milk with the same impression of being off to a passing buyer. To them new milk is the same as old. Better shop elsewhere!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Let there be Peace - link to song on soundcloud

Mantra is the language of the Heart, no doubt, but you can still talk to yourself a certain way, particularly in song, that touches the same spot - Self to Self as it were - meaning that it's like speaking to the higher self within... sometimes invoking, sometimes requesting, sometimes reasoning, sometimes arguing, always reminding. If it's real you can use any kind of language. At least in any of those moments when you talk that way you are sincere, and the Divine knows that and hears you. What happens after that is anybody's guess, but connecting with the expression is the thing.