Monday, 3 November 2014

What is your mind to you? - something to think about

Answer these questions quickly without giving them much conscious thought.


You have to be completely honest.

There are no right answers.

They are yes/no answers, so you need not write them down, but you can if you like.

Do you know your mind?

Are you more or less than your mind?

Do you have likes and dislikes?

Do you have some thoughts you like more than others?

Do you have thoughts you fear or try to suppress?

Do you have thoughts you can't suppress?

Do you like your mind?

Have you ever had an idea that you once wholly believed to be true, but now no longer believe in?

Do you have control of your mind?

Does your mind have control of you?

Do you know your mind?

Do you trust your mind?

Is your mind who you are?

What is your reaction to the statement: All thought is illusion?

So what is the best attitude to have toward the mind?

There are no right answers. 

The purpose is to recognise your first reaction to the different questions.

Go through and see if you pick up any discrepancies between any answers, particularly to similar questions.

Go through again and see if you observe your mind attempting to make ends meet, so to speak, to find consistency in your answers which may not be there.

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