Thursday, 9 November 2017

Real Love Won't Ever Let You Down

There’s only one thing that truly matters: Love, and love only 

Not what you generate yourself but what you can connect with that is already there, deep inside. It’s that ineffable something in everyone. It’s the natural state, where you don’t choose who to love. You don’t give love, in the end you are love. And we are the first beneficiary. But we need to discover it first, because it’s not what it’s taken to be, it’s not so easy to find.

Everything we do is a means to that end, a search for something real and lasting. Sometimes something valid and positive, sometimes something distracting and inaccurate, until we find the balance, experience the harmony and get it right. Love is the natural state which is discovered when there is stillness and peace, when opinion is not so strong, when misplaced trust is reconciled, when there is acceptance and forgiveness.

Not what it’s taken to be 

With love one is never lonely, never in need of another to become complete. But it’s not such an obvious thing. It’s not what it’s taken to be from nearly every influence we have been subjected to. Love is free from decision, equal in everything, it doesn't separate anyone from you, or you from anyone. Love begets respect, and respect is given equally.

Everyone is continually searching for the source of their own happiness, something you can be sure of that will never change. It’s not very fashionable to speak of love in this way, because who believes in it? But where there is derision there is pain and fear, and where there is pain and fear there is defensiveness and aggression. And that is the main cause of unhappiness, not a material lack, not a shortage of philosophies, but some inarticulate cry for love that takes many a strange and unpredictable form to fill an empty space.

Love is of the heart not in the mind

The real rule of love is that when you give, love comes to you. And that’s a matter of the heart, not of the mind. If we can tap into the universal store of the heart, the natural state, the same is generated around us and in others. Maybe it takes time, and maybe not in the way we might anticipate, but isn’t that how it works? But who is really comfortable with giving without getting something in return? 

It’s a catch-22. You know, in Ireland they say that there are fairies, but that you can only ever see a fairy if you believe in them first. But of course no-one is going to believe in fairies until they’ve actually seen one. So there you have it. The basis of faith is believing first and holding to it through the onset of hesitation and doubt. And it does work, if what you believe in is real.

And therein lies the problem. There are many things that stand in for the real thing, like inaccurate religious teaching, half-complete or half-baked philosophies, private fantasies, gods and goddesses, or even fairies, but surely everyone is searching for a something precious that won’t ever let you down. If love really is the answer you only have to look inside and go to the heart of the matter, which is where all the spiritual masters of all time have always said is where the long search finally comes to rest. In the end it might be the last place to look, but in the final end there’s only one thing that truly matters…

There’s a song about it - please try it with headphones:

With Love in Your Heart

Sometimes words can say so much
Sometimes nothing at all
Sometimes you just want to stay in touch
Sometimes the silence calls

When you look around what is there in
A world of pleasure and pain?
Looking for something to believe in
You know will never change  

With love in your heart 
Can you be lonely?
With love in your heart
Can you want more?
With love in your heart
It’s love and love only 
Love and love only 
That makes you so sure

Love is not such an obvious thing
Not what it’s taken to be
Love is equal in everything
Doesn’t separate you from me


Who would climb the highest mountain?
Who would ford the darkest stream?
Who would bathe in the coldest fountain
Waking from a dream?


A last thought

In an interview Paul McCartney was once asked, 'What would you say was the lasting meaning of the Beatles?' Without hesitation he replied, 'All you need is love'. There was a long pause, like he’d caught everyone by surprise… He said, 'Shall I elaborate?' Then he said something like: It goes in and out of style, but you keep coming back to it. There are many things in life that are needed in an uncompromising world, but when it comes down to it everyone in their own way is searching for love. 'And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.'

Going more deeply into the Heart

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  1. Truly said and explained how one can give love and cosmos return the same. It starts with believe in giving love. Thanks for sharing insights. ��